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01/02/2017 - BOWL-O-RAMA !!!

Highland Streetboards are stoked to announce the first Streetboard event of the year and the first to be organised by new Events company: Ascent Streetboard. The master minds of Paul Nash and Colin Horan have come together to bring us the first in what promises to be an exciting series of events, the Bowl O Rama.

Sponsored by Drunken Monkey as the headline sponsor with Highland Streetboards also giving support and sponsorship this invitational event has a £500 prize purse and a host of the worlds best streetboarders signed up. Spectators get in for a measly £4 so no excuses to miss this spectacle.

Check out the poster:


01/01/2017 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

All of us at Highland Streetboards would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Our Director Neil Thomson was prowd to contribute an article to Redpen's end of a decade free online magazine which can be read below:


02/12/6/2016 Merry Christmas!!!

UK Championships on 12th of December - See you there!


Park Hired by Highland Streetboards so 100% of entry money goes to CASH prizes.

Complete board set ups for prizes too!


10/11/6/2016 Highland Beginner Instruction Manual & Learning tool Attachment now included free in box with every Highland Streetboard. Click the picture below to view the PDF document:

02/11/6/2016 New Highland Video Advert uploaded! Styled, Animated and Edited by Theo Goury featuring the Highland Cartel and Friends from around the world. This video was made exclusively for the Highland Booth at Relentless NASS 2009. Watch it here on the main page or slightly larger on the NEWS page - check it out!

UK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS confirmed for either the first or second weekend in December at Rampworks Skatepark in Liverpool. More details soon but expect to see the usual suspects plus a few new faces...



Max Anderson took First Place at this year's Streetboard World Championships in the Street event. Nice one Max on your second World Title!

Chris Kamm was also on winning form competing in every event and placing in the top 3 each time! If there had been a prize for biggest air on the Relentless Goliath Ramp Chris would have won with the biggest airs seen on the ramp be it bike, board or skate.

Also a BIG shout out to our good friend Gabi Munoz who stunned the crowds and the Streetboarders with the first DOUBLE BACKFLIP ever landed in competition and they were HUGE!

Check out Max's winning run and his interview included here in a great documentary from the Relentless NASS Streetboard World Championships edited by Colin Horan from DAYONE.

This documentary contains some of the best Streetboard footage and interviews ever filmed:


Kai Hammen from Team Addicted was also busy filming at NASS and put together this awesome edit from the BIG AIR World Championships:





Also check out the Relentless NASS website for full event & festival info: 6/2016

12/6/2016 - NEW HIGHLAND BOARDS LAUNCHED!Cartel 55 streetboard

We have listened to all of our riders, from the Highland Cartel team rider’s right down to the first timers giving us their comments. We tried to listen to everyone with an opinion to give and the result is our 2009 board range which we are proud to say is our best range of Streetboards ever!

Just check out the pictures of the boards and read about them in the Boards page to see what we have to offer the Streetboarding World in 2009: Style, Strength & Quality!


Highland Streetboards has teamed up with the Relentless NASS festival for the second year running to bring you the hottest Streetboard action from around the world, in Shepton Mallet, England 10-12 July 2009.
This year is going to be off the hook. As well as new events, a new course, and skateable street spots, this year’s line up absolutely smashes it. NERD are playing for all the hip-hop heads, Lethal Bizzle represents for the Grime nuts, Crissy Criss for you bassface skankers and Shy FX is back with some classic DnB riddims, and that’s only on the Friday. Saturday is still to be announced, but rest assured that it will be a crunchy guitar ridden affair.

The Relentless NASS Streetboard World Championships will take place over the 3 days of the festival. This year the World’s best, including Sergi Nicolas, Gotthard Pilsner, Brinton Gunderson, Gabi Muñoz and Max Anderson, will battle it out on over Vert, Street and Best Trick contests.

2009 also sees the introduction of a public street course, and we want to see it absolutely packed with streetboarders. So bring your boards and get ready to rip!
Highland Streetboards will be back with a booth stocking all your favourite streetboard goods at special festival prices. There will be also the legendary Highland Streetboard School right next to the booth, so feel free to come down and give it a go if you never have before, or if you have, then come along and help teach.

Expect Flips, Spins, and tech grinds galore, pushing Streetboarding beyond its limits. All that’s left is to buy your tickets, pull out your tent and tune up your board!
Entry to the Relentless NASS Streetboard World Championships will be by invitation only. If you haven’t received one yet, then you may apply for a wildcard. ANYONE else wishing to attend should head HERE to buy your tickets.

There are special Relentless NASS coaches travelling to the event from all over the UK, so you no excuse not to be there. For more info go HERE. 6/2016

For details on entering the contest please email Jay Nowman: info@redpenmag.com

Or for any other enquiry please email Neil Thomson: info@streetlifeextremesports.co.uk

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Cartel Classic - Streetboard details

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Cartel 55 - Streetboard details

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purchase streetboardsPurchase - You can buy a Streetboard ANYWHERE in the World! Even if your country is not in the list we can still help you to get a streetboard no problem! Just email info@streetlifeextremesports.co.uk and we will hook you up with a board!


The Cartel - This is the official Highland Streetboards Team page. We call our team The Cartel: made up of some of the top Streetboarders from around the World these guys are at the cutting edge of Streetboard Freestyle progression.


About Highland Streetboards
- Highland Streetboards lives and breathes Streetboarding every day with a passion that continues to help drive the sport of Streetboarding onwards into the future.



How to Snakeboard?

Stand on the board, with feet facing forwards, then turn both feet inwards, and put your shoulder in, then turn your feet out, and put your shoulder out, then do it again. Keep doing this until you get into a flowing motion.

Frontside and Backside refer to spins or where a rail/curb is in relation to you when you jump on to it.

Frontside - is when you start a spin with your arms in front of you and move them in front of you in a circle to your back. 'Frontside' is also used when you are doing a slide or grind, it is used to describe the way you jump onto the curb/rail. For example: you jump onto a rail to do a 50-50 and you jump forwards onto it, or slide facing forwards whilst doing a nose slide. This is Frontside.

Backside - is when you start a spin with your arms behind you and move them in front of you in a circle to your front. 'Backside' is also to describe the way you jump onto a curb/rail. For example: you wanna pull a 5-0 on a rail and have to jump backwards to get onto it, or slide facing backwards in a tail slide.

Switch - This is Snakeboarding in the opposite direction to the way you normally do. It's Snakeboarding backwards.

Fakie - This is if you land a trick in switch stance, it's used mainly while riding mini or vert, For example: Melon to Fakie


To stop, lean back, put most of your weight on your back foot and turn. You'll skid to a stop.


To Jump, just bend your knees and jump, like you would without your snakeboard on, make sure you stay above your board, and land with both feet on the ground. With practice you will gradually get better and be able to jump higher and longer.


To Ollie, lift up your front pad until it is as high as it will go before coming down again. Then jump into the air on just your back wheels. While in the air, lift your back pad up until it is level with the front pad, in the air. As you drop to the floor, your front pad should touch the ground first.

Section Two-Grinds


Approach the rail/curb from beside it, get some good speed and then jump onto it, land both your trucks balanced equally on the surface and then grind along until you start to slow down or come to the end of the object.


Approach the rail, from beside it, with it behind you then jump 90 on to it, land leaning forward, balancing on your bar, It's easiest to finish these by sliding of the end of the rail.


You do these the same as boardslide but you approach it with the rail front of you.

Nose Grind

These are the same as 50-50 but you do like a nose manual by leaning forward.


As with the 50-50, but leaning backwards like a tail manual. These are easiest on a sloped rail, but are possible on flat curbs of

Frontside Nose Slide

Come up to the Rail/curb with it behind you, jump forward 90 degrees, and slot your pad into the rail/curb. To stay sliding, lean well over your pad., you should be facing forward. To finish, you can either turn another 90 degrees as you jump off and land fakie or lean backwards and hop off.

Backside Nose Slide

Come up to the rail/curb with it infront of you, jump backwards 90 degrees and slot your pad in. To stay sliding, lean well over your pad. You'll be facing back the way you came from. Jump off by jumping 90 degrees either frontside or backside depending on which way you want to be facing when you land.

Frontslide Tail Slide

Come up to the rail/curb with it infront of you, jump forwards 90 degrees and lean over your pad as you slot it in. To stay balanced, try leaning well over your pad. You'll be facing the way you're sliding.

Backside Tail Slide

Come up to the rail/curb with it behind you, jump 90 degrees backside and lean into the curb, the more you lean, the longer you'll slide. You'll be facing backwards.

Smith Grind

To Smith Grind, jump onto the rail, with only the back truck on it, your front pad will be slightly to the side. Use the front left corner of your frontpad to keep you locked into the rail/curb, by slotting it in at an angle and leaning into it.

Willie Grind

This is just like a Smith grind, but with opposite pads on the rail. The Truck of your Nose will be grinding on the rail/curb and only the front right corner of your back pad. Lean into the rail, and concentrate on keeping your back pad locked on.


These are pretty hard, and I can only do tiny ones on curbs, however, they are possible on rails, but this description is for curbs (it may apply to rails too, but I'm yet to try it)

Come up to the curb with it infront of you, get very close to it and jump aim to be as close to the curb as possible, so don't jump high. While in the air, lift up your nose and land with your tail vertically locked into the curb. You will slide, but it'll take practice and loads of stacks till you get it. Looks quality though!!


Section Three-Spins


180's are well easy to do, just jump into the air and turn your body until you are facing the opposite direction, you shouldn't need any extra spin from your arms.


The 360 is a little harder, but not much. I find it easier to do a 360 when moving then when I'm just stood still. Get some good speed, and jump into the air, start to spin with your arms just before you take off, keep looking over your shoulder and you should keep going round. You should have spun all the way around and be facing the same way. These are also easier from high places, but don't try until you can do it on a flat surface.


To 540, just do a 360, but try to get a lot more spin with your upper body and spring higher. Look over you shoulder until you are about to land, if you went high enough, you should have enough time to just spin the other 180. If you are used to doing 360's then you'll find it easier to 540 is you concentrate on bringing your other foot round more.


720's are best learned on a wooden launch box, as I painfully learnt at Bristol. Use your whole body to push yourself around in the air and hold you knees as high as you can for as long as you can in a tuck. While spinning, look over your shoulder, in the direction you are spinning. Also try wrapping your arms around you as you spin, and pushing your self around. The Key to spinning is height...lots of height. And PATIENCE.


I can't actually 900, but Govey can do it at southsea, and to be honest all he does is go bloody high and throw himself around like a little russian gymnast. Try it...if you dare.

Section Four-Grabs

Tail Grab

A Tail Grab is just when you grab the back pad.

Nose Grab

Grab the front pad (Nose) of your board


A Method is when you bend up your back legs while in the air so that your board is at 90 degrees from your body and you grab the bar.


An Indy is when you grab your bar with your back hand, by reaching down in front of you between your legs.


A Melon is when you grab the bar by tucking your body and then reaching behind you with your front hand and grabbing your bar.


Grab the bar with your front hand by reaching down.


To do a Stiffy, throw your legs out in front of you and grab the bar.

Japan Air

Reach around your front leg with your front hand, grab your bar and yank it up as high as you can.


With your front hand, reach right across your body and grab your tail.

Shifty Air

While in the air, throw your back leg to your one side 90 degrees, then bring it back and throw it 90 to the other side. Then twist again so you land straight. (When you turn 90 to one side, only turn your legs, twist your body in the opposite direction and your legs will come back.)

Nose Bone

Grab your tail and bone out your front leg.

Section Five-Flips

We've only just started doing flips, and at the moment all I can do is a frontflip and a 540 rodeo (which I learnt be accident) I'll add more as I learn them.


I learnt to frontflip by first doing it loads on a trampoline at my local pub. Then doing em into swimming pools until I was confident I wouldn't land on my head. Then I went to Bristol to the nationals, told everyone I was gonna try and then I just had to do it cos if I bottled it they'd think I was a twat. SO I did, I stacked and even now I still do...often, but all it takes is lots of balls and knowing you can do it. Trust me...it's worth the initial bruises for all the big ups all the skateboarders give me and the happy feeling you get knowing that none of them will ever be able to do anything even half as impressive.

What you have to do is pump up the launch box tranny, as you ride over the lip, lift up your arms and then use them to throw your whole body downwards. Tuck your body up and grab your legs. You'll flip over in a ball and somehow your body has a self-righting system because I just seem to know where the ground is and put my legs out at the right time to land. Try it...what's the worst that could happen.


I learnt to Rodeo accidentally, I was going for a 540 and span my arms over my shoulder by mistake, I went through the air sideways and landed perfectly a 540 rodeo. It's really just like a 540, as long as you start off the spin right and you are confident with your normal 540's then you'll have no problem. I can't do any other kind of rodeo except for the Rodeo 5, but all you have to do is...instead of spinning your arms horizontally across your body, you have to throw your shoulder backward kind of diagonally towards the sky, make sure the rest of your body follows it and you'll have no problems. All you need is balls of steel or a messed up 540 attempt and you'll get em down.

Section Six-Other Stuff

Nose Manuals

Manuals in general are probably the hardest of all wiggleboarding tricks. They are when you go along balancing on either your front or back truck only. Nose Manuals, are weird, cos instead of leaning back like you normally do when wiggleboarding, you have to lean really far forward and then stay balanced by moving your arms in the air.

Tail Manuals

I find Tail Manuals easier than nose, but it really depends on the type of wiggler you are. To do these, you have to lean back so that your front pad is in the air, keep leaning back and then put your arms forward in the air to help you keep your balance. It is actually easier to do these when you are going quite fast!

Nose/Tail Stall

To Stall, approach the curb from the front, hop into the air just before the curb and land on it balancing on you front pad.


Approach the curb from the front and jump quite high, While in the air, bring your front pad up until it is vertically above you back pad. Then as you land, you should be balancing on your back trucks, with the tail pad lip pressing against the side of the curb.



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