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The Cartel 56

Riding Style:  All round freestyle for taller riders.

The Cartel 56:  Our pride and joy!  A fusion of beauty and strength in a shape that makes the biggest tricks feel that little bit smaller! 
We had a lot of streetboarders asking us for something that little bit bigger: a wide stance like many snowboarders ride and big proportions to sit stable on even the most difficult tricks.  This was our answer…
A beast of a streetboard that will devour everything in its path then ride away with the silent style of a finely tuned sports car.  Looking more like a snowboard than any of the other boards in our range – this board is big and truly could be called an urban snowboard.  Highland Streetboards aims to opens up the boundaries between streetboarding and snowboarding making anything possible anytime, anywhere and this board can deliver the goods on whatever you are prepared to step up to. 
This board is big, bold and brave: do you have the personality to match

Bar = 56cm stance, 26cm wide, 9.7cm wide bar neck,  33cm effective edge. Slick.
Footplates = 27cm wide 14cm long nose/tail on footplates. Slick.
All Highland wood parts are 9 ply Canadian maple.
Trucks = Polished “Mercury” / 58mm 95a wheels / Abec 5 bearings.




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