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You can buy a Streetboard ANYWHERE in the World!  Even if your country is not in the list below we can still help you to get a streetboard no problem! 

Just email and we will fix you up with a board!

Or if you live in any of the following countries we have a distributor set up and it couldn’t be easier for you to get your hands (and feet) on a Highland Streetboard!


Distribution Enquiries:
Interested in becoming one of our Distributors or to stock our Streetboards in your shop  The sport of Streetboarding is growing fast and so we are always looking for new trade contacts to help supply the high demand around the world.  Please email Neil Thomson for details and he will be happy to discuss your individual needs at:

General Enquires:
We are always happy to answer your emails and calls so no matter what your question or request please get in touch. 
For information on Streetboarding or where to buy a Highland Streetboard in your country please email: 


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