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This boundary breaking sport creates a diverse range of riding styles each specialising in a different aspect of Streetboarding and from World Champions to the most progressive Street riders, this can be seen in our team.

Chosen out of the top Streetboarders from around the world who embody the individuality, style and progress that is fundamental to Highland Streetboards we are proud to introduce you to – The Cartel.


Name: Istvan Molnar

Age: 20
Sponsors: Highland, Pivoting Souls
Stance: regular
Set-up: Cartel with softcores, black label wheels
Favourite colour: red
First Celebrity crush: i dont remember
If you could be any other highland team rider, who would it be and why: i don't want to be somebody else anymore
Top 3 Favourite Streetboard Video Parts: the best ever was Brinton's in le+om, nothing can even get close to it, but if i had to name 2 more i would say Spits in LFD and Kelly Dean's from Hellburger
Top 3 Favourite Spots: my backyard mini, bombing budapest hills or riding the bowls in wien
Top 3 Riders: Norberto who lives in Barca right now, Peter from budapest, and everyone else i had the chance to skate with since im riding
Top 10 Albums: the old beastie boys stuff, aphex twin, richard d james, bonobo-sweetness album, the sound of benga, odd nosdam
Top 5 Films: the jacket, natural born killers, ghost dog, sincity, man on the moon

Name: Eric Brun Caudet

Age: 15 years old
Sponsors: Highland streetboards,Drop-inn and Dayone
Stance: Goofy
Set-up: Highland streetboards
Favourite colour: Red and Green
First Celebrity crush: My girlfriend Rita
If you could be any other highland team rider, who would it be and why: Christofe Bellet
Top 3 Favourite Streetboard Video Parts: Eudaimonia, Caution 3 and Enought Said
Top 3 Favourite Spots: I don't know, in Barca are so much spots
Top 3 Riders: Alex Morton, Sergi Nicolas and Gabi Muñoz
Top 10 Albums: I just like the songs, not the albums
Top 5 Films: Draw the line - Snowboarding, Lords of dogtown, Street Dance, You got served and Blue Crush


Name: Samuel Frederick Cooke

Age: 25
Sponsors: Highland, Day One, True Skool
Stance: 80% prone 20% drop knee
Set-up: Highland cartel, Grosso pro-gross bindings
Favourite colour: green
First Celebrity crush: Jessica Rabbit
If you could be any other highland team rider, who would it be and why: Jay Nowman so I could let me off the money I owe him.
Top 3 Favourite Streetboard Video Parts: Brinton Gundersen – Fisch Brinton Gundersen - LeOm Kai Hammen - Geeks on Wheels
Top 3 Favourite Spots: Safeways, Phear Park, Universitat
Top 3 Riders: Brinton, Kai Hammen, Chris Bellet
Top 10 Albums: Trout Mask Replica x10
Top 5 Films: Dune, Day of the Dead, Platoon, Seven Samurai, Princess Mononoke

Name: Christian Neobrain Kamm

Age: 24
Sponsors: Neobrain, Highland, Ositos
Stance: regular
Set-up: Highlang 56, Highland 55 plates, lower demon trucks, neobrain
Favourite colour: pffff
First Celebrity crush:   what does it mean jay
If you could be any other highland team rider, who would it be and why: Gabi, for the most wonderful non landen double back flip
Top 3 Favourite Streetboard Video Parts:


Name: "The General" Jay Nowman
Age: It's rude to ask a lady her age don't you know!
Sponsors: Highland Streetboards, True Skool, Day One, StreetboardShack.co.uk
Stance: Goofy
Set-up: Cartel Cyan 55 with 56 plates,  Grosso Bindings and some wheels i jacked from Simon Johns Favourite colour:  Ferrari Scarlet Red
First Celebrity crush: She-Ra
If you could be any other highland team rider, who would it be and
why: Probably Sam Cooke, cos then I'd still be able to get drunk with me all the time!

Top 3 Favourite Streetboard Video Parts: Jay Beatty - Disturbed, Stef Tribelnig - Caged In, Ismael Calvo - Geeks on Wheels.

Top 3 Favourite Spots: Safeways Chalk Farm (check manual pad in Geeks on Wheel), MACBA 4 Stair Barcelona, THE Spot - Buenos Aires

Top 3 Riders: Sergi Nicolas, Ismael Calvo, Richie Greeves.

Top 10 Albums: Fantastic Damage - El-P, Cold Vein - Cannibal OX,
Untrue - Burial, Funcrusher Plus - Co. Flow, Slaughter of the Soul - At The Gates, MFTC 1 - Task Force, First Utterance- Comus,
London Hardcore - Knuckledust, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like God Speed You Black Emperor, What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
Top 5 Films: Abre Los Ojos, The Seventh Seal, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Point Break.



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